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Universal Remote:Smart TV And AC Remote apps for your mobile

A complete remote control is available for all TVs and smart IR TV remote controls.Remote control for all TVs connects to your smart TV using WiFi and configuration.TV - Samsung, LG, Sony, Visio, Toshiba, etc.Cable / Satellite box - Comcast, Dish, DirecTV,, DirectTV, etc.Streaming media player - Apple TV, Roku, XBox, Chromecast, etc.Home appliances (AC and heater) - Samsung, LG, Panasonic, etc.

Remote use includes built-in LG hardware such as LG G2 / G4 / G5, Huawei Honor 7/8, Xiaomi Mi 4/5 / Redmi and many more. For phones without IR hardware such as the Samsung S8 and S7, Peel uses WiFi for searching and controlling devices.

Easy to use
#Remote automatically sets all devices in your Wi-Fi network that can be controlled via IR.

# Else, you can set up for your TV and cable / satellite box and use your phone to control your TV and DTH / cable box.
Remote control features for all TVs.

# Power on, off, mute and unmute control.
# Channel digit button.
# Volume up-down control and channel up-down control.
# Menu buttons with up, down, left and right controls.
# Offline Universal Remote for TV does not require internet connection.
# Smart TV remote control for all TVs offline.
# Remote control TV on a mobile app for Android.
# Remote control for all TV brands.
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What if you can control your TV with your Android device? Try this amazing TV remote for all TVs to convert your Android device to a universal TV remote. This app Quick Remote Config and TV Controller App can also connect to your smart TV using WiFi. It is one of the best TV remote control app available on Play Store as TVmart. It is the best remote and mobile remote for TV and digital remote controller and set top box as remote control for all TVs and remote control for AC and TV. Currently, the world's premier television is included in this application and has a remote control for all set top boxes as a remote control for all TVs and ACs. We are constantly working to include maximum television, and the remote control app will be updated according to remote control AC and TV.
Universal Remote:Smart TV And AC Remote
If your brand is not listed or the remote application is not working with your television, please drop us an email with your TV LED and remote control model, and we offer this application for your TV with infrared remote Will work to make it compatible with the control. And AC. This TV is a universal remote. Remote control smart remote control for all devices with this universal remote control for TV app. The remote control for the ACT setup box is very useful and the remote control for the ACT set top box as a remote control for all TVs and set top box act. Free TV remote control app for all TV's set top boxes and remote for Dish TV as smart TV and free remote control for Dish Network - now free. This app also has sensor remote control AC and sensor TV remote control as AC remote control uncensored remote sensor check TV remote app. This app is a TV ramot of AC Romote or TV remote control

Characteristic function:

1, search remote control by model : use electrical brand + model and search, find remote control quickly.

2, huge remote control code library: d

Database contains more than 300,000+ appliance remote controller, covering the global 8000+ appliance brand, supporting remote control air conditioning, TV, set-top box, projector, DVD, power amplifier, fan, SLR, switch / light bulb and dozens of household appliances. Software built-in 8W+ remote controller code library, and can control without the network.

3, DIY remote control: Remote 

control(Universal) supports DIY remote control function, using Remote control(Universal) accessory, you can learn the original remote control signal to the phone. DIY perfect remote codes so that people will pay for it.

Application rights: the app will request the user permission in the process of use, and the main permission items are described as follows.

Get your location: so that we can allocate the correct local infrared database for you.

Access to SD card: used to store remote controllers to mobile phone.

Read IMEI: verify the IMEI address, so that one user can only exchange each intelligent product for one times.