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One thing to keep in mind while using internet banking,Important for all bank holder

One thing to keep in mind while using internet banking, Important for all bank holders:The bank is urging users to make more use of online banking tools and banking apps so that the lockdown of the Coronavirus can be implemented in a similar manner. And the reason is that if online banking is to be used, users do not need to visit the bank, which maintains social discrimination.

But the way these online transactions are growing, it is also being taken advantage of by scammers. And within this time, ICICI Bank should provide some advice to its customers so that they do not face any problem while using online banking tools like banking apps, websites, and e-wallets and they can avoid any kind of scam. Has come in.

If you ever receive an email from any bank, telecom service provider, income tax, or any government or private agency, you should especially check and check their email. E.g. If you have been sent an email from a bank like ICICI or HDFC Bank, it will have the same name as the bank.

Scammers are always known to be very urgent work and you are also told to take immediate action. And inside it is to scare the customers by telling them that your card has been blocked and in order to get it back you have to give your banking details and card details. This is done by asking for the card and bank information including the PIN.

In most cases, the email has been unprofessionally drafted. And grammatical errors and spelling mistakes can also be found in it. If you have any doubts about any email you should look for such errors in it.

Need to check the source of the email to be sent. Never open an email from an unknown source. Never share your debit or credit card number, its expiration date, and its CVV with anyone under any circumstances. And no official bank or e-wallet company ever asks for your details.source