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The big decision taken by the government regarding the celebration of 15th August,

The big decision taken by the government regarding the celebration of 15th August, know how to celebrate?

Gandhinagar: The Union Home Ministry has issued a circular regarding the celebrations of August 15 at the state, district, and lower levels of the country. A large number of people have been instructed not to gather at the celebration. Can be celebrated using technology. The flag salute in the presence of doctors, nurses, and Corona Warriors, the circular said.

To keep the people who beat Corona present at the celebration as well. CM to start celebrations at 9 am. Not only that, but the rules for celebrations at the district and lower levels will also remain the same. The Raj Bhavan will decide on the at-home program. Even if there is an at-home program, there is a need to keep the front line warriors present and social distance. Playing recordings instead of calling Army bands etc. face to face.

After the Kovid-1P epidemic, this year's Independence Day celebrations include Maun Thappa's system and Lalda's imaginary August 15 programs to give young children, who are school children, debts, m. Corona winners, or disease prevention people, will not highlight the meetings. About 1,500 people create surprising problems and the likelihood of seeing the Prime Minister departure next to the red belt is equally likely, said one person mentioned above.

Corona's winners include as many as 500 local police answers. The rest is part of another country. The Ministry of Defense, which plays a key role in this activity, had planned to invite the Union Home Ministry for the ceremony on the occasion of Koro.

School children traditionally continue to be part of the Independence Day celebrations. It shows thousands of people for the red surprise PM speech suggestions. At that time Kovid-19 was given this kind of good, m.