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Family Locator lets you know your family is safe, even when they’re far away!


Family Locator lets you know your family is safe, even when they’re far away!

Life360’s Family Locator simplifies life in the digital world by making it easy to stay connected to the people who matter most.

With Life360 you can: 

• Create your own private groups, called “Circles,” of loved ones, teammates -- whoever matters most and chat with them in Family Locator for FREE.

• View the real-time location of Circle Members on a private family map that’s only visible to your Circle. 

• Receive real-time alerts when Circle Members arrive at or leave destinations (Eliminate disruptive “Where are you?” texts)

• See the location of stolen or lost phones 

• Enjoy a more diverse array of features and benefits than those found on similar apps 

• Works on both Android Phones and iPhones

Real-Time Location Sharing

Stay connected and in sync with your entire family and eliminate the multiple texts needed to coordinate your family events and daily life. Family Locator alerts you when your family members have checked in at a location and thanks to GPS sensors in your phone, family locator can also advise if someone is running late.

Finding Family

The Life360 app uses state-of-the-art GPS location technology to report the real-time whereabouts of those that have accepted your invitation to join your circle and share their location. Simply install the Life360 Family Locator app on your phone, and invite your family. Once registered, each member appears as a unique icon on the navigational map so you’ll know exactly where they are. No need to send annoying “Where are your?” or “What’s your ETA?” texts, the Life360 Family Locator puts this information at your fingertips. And to make life super easy, we send you alerts the moment your family arrives at an appointed location!

In order for our app to work properly, we need a few permissions. Don't worry - when you create an account, we help you through this quick and easy process.

Location - Life360 locates you and your loved ones on a shared, private map. This setting allows us to show location accurately and quickly.

એપ્લિકેશન લિંક

Phone permission - Life360 has a feature called Driver Care Support that, with a single push of a button, connects you to a live representative over the phone.  Our live representative knows who you are and where you are to assist in roadside situations such as tows, jumps, and lockouts.  We also offer an immediate emergency response in the case of a vehicular collision.  Phone permissions allow us to connect your phone to the live representative and authenticate that you are the one calling them.

Network - This connects you to the Internet and allows us to send and receive location information to and from family members on your private map.

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The AUM of mutual funds crossed the Rs 30 lakh crore mark for the first time


The AUM of mutual funds crossed the Rs 30 lakh crore mark for the first time

  • Rapid boom in the equity market and lucrative investor investment in debt funds
  • Investments withdrawn by investors from equities, withdrew Rs 13,000 crore in Nov.

Mutual fund industries have also seen a positive trend due to the sharp rise in the equity market. The country's asset management industries hit a new high in November. For the first time, Mutual Fund Industries' AUM has crossed the Rs 30 lakh crore mark. The target of Rs 30 lakh crore has been achieved due to lucrative investments in debt funds.

However, an average of Rs 13,000 crore has been withdrawn from equity funds during this period. According to an Amphi report, November saw an inflow of Rs 44,983.84 crore in debt funds. As a result, the total net inflows in the mutual fund industries reached Rs 27,194.15 crore and the total AUM of the mutual fund companies reached Rs 30,00,904.42 crore. However, in November, investors withdrew Rs 12,917.36 crore from equity funds. As a result, an investment of Rs 2724.95 crore was withdrawn in October from the previous month.

Also a reduction in the investment flow of SIPs

SIP inflows in November fell by Rs 7,799 crore to Rs 7,302.16 crore as compared to October. NS Venkatesh, chief executive of Amphi, said the decline in SIP contributions was not a cause for concern. There was a three-day holiday in late November. The SIP inflow was much higher in the last three days. However this will be seen in a November inflow.

Mutual funds, SIPs, tax savings investments: Etimoni

અહીંથી વાંચો ગુજરાતી રીપોર્ટ

Reasons to download the etmoney app:

  • - Invest in top mutual funds
  • - Track and manage external mutual fund investments
  • - Get a health report for an external mutual fund portfolio
  • - Invest in Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit
  • - Invest in NPS (National Pension System) scheme
  • - Buy health insurance and term life insurance
  • - Easily track and manage your expenses

અહીંથી જાણો ટોપ ફંડ વિશે માહિતી

Invest in Direct Mutual Fund by SIP or Lumpsum with 0% Commission

  • - Get an additional return of up to 1% on your existing regular mutual funds and SIPs by switching to a direct plan of similar mutual fund schemes.
  • - Save tax on investments in ELSS Mutual Funds starting from 500 / month
  • - Switch your existing lumpsum or SIP mutual fund investments with other applications like Paytm Money, Grove, ScripBoxX and Zerodha Coin.
  • - Enable fast and easy payments for mutual funds or SIPs with UPI apps like Google Pay, PhoneP, Paytm and one-tap payments through EasyPay and Net Banking.
  • - Investment in Zero Commission Direct Mutual Fund schemes
  • - Get an additional return of up to 1% on your SIP investments like top fund houses:

SBI Mutual Fund

HDFC Mutual Fund,

Reliance Mutual Fund,

Axis Mutual Fund,

DSP Mutual Fund,

Mira Asset Mutual Fund,

Different types of mutual fund investments

  • - Start investing in mutual funds according to your investment goals:
  • Large Cap Mutual Fund,
  • Small Cap Mutual Fund,
  • Balanced fund,
  • ELSS Fund,
  • Liquid Fund

Mutual fund portfolio tracking and health report

  • - An investment dashboard to track all your external mutual fund investments
  • - Track the returns of your mutual fund investment portfolio
  • - Get portfolio analysis of your investments and ideas for improving returns, reducing risk
  • - Guaranteed and stable returns with Bajaj Finance fixed deposit
  • - Up to 7.35% P.A. The interest rate is higher than bank FD
  • - 0.25% P.A. Higher compensation for senior citizen fixed deposit
  • - Flexible payment options are available, you can choose regular payments or lumpsum at maturity

Plan your retirement with the National Pension Plan (NPS)

  • - Create a paperless NPS account
  • - Existing NPS investors can start investing with their PRAN

Health Assure your family's well-being with health insurance

  • - Compare health insurance plans and calculate the premium amount
  • - Renew your existing medical insurance policy online with one tap
  • - Free periodic health checkups

Secure your family's future with your term life insurance

  • - Create and compare term insurance quotes from the best insurance companies
  • - Regular and limited premium term plan options are available
  • - Pay premium for few years with limited pay term plan and will be covered for the whole policy
  • - Insurance purchased by the best insurers
  • - ICICI Lombard Health Insurance
  • - HDFC ERGO Health Insurance
  • - Religare Health Insurance
  • - HDFC Life Insurance
  • - Maximum life insurance
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